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JANUARY 15, 2022
We've been busy the past few months, so let's get caught up! In September, we released Communiques, Volume Two digitally. In November, we released a digital single for "Skydiving" featuring some guest backing vocals by our friend, Brittany Luna of Catbite. Even crazier, we released the SKAdiving / Up To The Top digital single in December AND re-released "Somewhere Between" from the vault now exclusively available via the Beautiful Rat Records' Short Music for Short People digital compilation. PHEW! So stepping back a second, yes.. we recorded ska songs! Easily our most ambitious project, our friends Andrew Heaton (trombone) & Brandon Kenyon (trumpet) from Flying Raccoon Suit, Dom Lorusso (saxophone), Esteban Flores (organ) from Matamoska!, Brittany Luna (vocals) & Tim Hildebrand (vocals) from Catbite, and Adam Davis (vocals) from Omnigone/ex-Link 80 all helped make this crazy idea a reality! Ska Punk International will be releasing it on a limited cassette soon!

SHOWS! So we finally go to play our first show since everything shut down! We played on November 26th with our friends Alpha Rabbit, Pepe Silvia, and Only On Weekends! Our next show was supposed to be January 7th with Catbite, JER, and Teenage Halloween but due to the recent spike in covid cases, the decision was made to cancel the show. We're hoping we can reschedule in the not so distant future but that's not as easy as we'd like. We do have one currently announced show for May 21st at the first ever Jawnaroo Festival in Mullica Hill, NJ. our buds in All Systems Go will also be playing. Other shows are in the works.

I think that covers mostly everything so far and whatever can currently confirm! Here's a clip of us from our recent show shot by Vince DeJesus from Booze Radly!

NEW EP STREAMING NOW!! Yes! That's right! "Communiques, Volume Two" is now available everywhere! Recorded & mixed at Gradwell House Recording in Haddon Heights, NJ by Eric McNelis. Mastered by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering. You can listen below at Bandcamp or you can stream it at Spotify, Apple Music/iTunes, or Amazon!

JANUARY 1, 2021
HOLY MOLY! Check out this incredible compilation we're honored to be a part of! You can hear our brand new cover of Jawbreaker's "Do You Still Hate Me?" at the link below! You can even download that and 20 other awesome cover songs for as little as $1 and the entire thing is for a good cause, benefitting the CF Foundation!

NOVEMBER 6, 2020

In celebration of 17 years since our live debut (11/22/03), we are releasing our brand new single "Palm Trees & Subways"

"Palm Trees & Subways" was originally written in 2002 as our previous band, Empty Handed NJ, and was carried over into Take Today. This new studio recording features the original Take Today line up from our very first show. Available on Bandcamp, Apple Music, Spotify, and wherever you listen to music!

OCTOBER 30, 2020
Today is the 5 year anniversary of the time we played a Halloween show as the Alkaline Trio! To celebrate, we just released this EP of covers exclusive to Bandcamp. We started recording these songs shortly after our show in 2015 but didn't return to them until the current pandemic. 100% self-recorded by the band. Check it out and have a safe Halloween!

Hey everyone! We've released the audio from our quarantine video of "Precursors" exclusively on Bandcamp! This is the first of many things to come! We miss you all!

JUNE 29, 2020
Presenting: "Precursors" (Home Edition)