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(left to right: Donald Bush, Emily Reed, Joseph M. Edwards, Mark Bancroft)

Take Today is a band from Southern New Jersey with half it's members just across the river in the Philadelphia suburbs. We played our very first show in November 2003. We recorded our first EP (The Fear of Thinking) in 2005 & our second (Somewhere Between Heaven & Hell) in 2007. However, with various line up changes & growing pains since the beginning, Take Today essentially rebooted itself in 2014.. well sorta. In 2014, we entered Gradwell House Recording & recorded "Communiques, Volume One" which was the first in many steps forward. Technically the 3rd EP but really the start of a refreshed & revitalized line up. We expanded once more in 2019 locking in our core 4 piece line up. At the end of Summer 2021, we recorded & released our newest EP "Communiques, Volume Two", "Skydiving" single, & "SKAdiving / Up To The Top" ska single (Ska Punk International) picking up where we left off but with much more to come..

Take Today is:
Joseph M. Edwards - vocals, guitar
Emily Reed - vocals, bass
Mark Bancroft - guitar, vocals, keyboards
Donald Bush - drums

Eric Steven Preuss
January 21, 1983 - February 12, 2020